call sign in in nanoflow

When I call the sign in event in the admission stream, it does not return a value after the login success, only returns a 401 after the login failure. What is the matter? When the login is successful, it will not be executed in the future, that is, it will not be executed to the decision  
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I found that the login method called reload to reload the page, which may be the reason that it can not continue to execute, can I ask how to make it continue to execute?image.png


Hello Wang Ming,


I do not fully get the situation you are in what do you want to execute after the sign in?

In the meantime, have you read how it is set up here


normally the signed in user will be navigated to their homepage which is most of the time set up in the navigation profile!


Hope this helps,


Please provide more information about which action you want to execute


Good luck!