Help Needed: Error with Team Member Insert in Expense App - Administration.AccountPasswordData Not Available

Hi everyone,   I'm currently working on an intermediate-level project to create a demo expense application. I've encountered an issue while setting up the form for inserting a new team member. Despite following the learning steps closely, I'm receiving the following error message:     "The selected page 'TeamMember_New_Administrator' expects an object of type 'Administration.AccountPasswordData', which is not available here."   I'm not sure how to resolve this issue. Has anyone experienced a similar problem or can offer guidance on how to fix this? Any help would be greatly appreciated!   Thanks in advance!
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You can not go directly to this page by clicking this button.for reference u can check this microflow which is used to create new account: Administration.NewAccount

its supplied by mendix in administration module itself and here it creates the Account password data and then goes to page.Dont Forget to set associations needed





Hi Naresh Goyani ,

  1. Add a Parameter: You can bypass this error by adding a parameter to your page. In your case, the parameter name is “Administration.AccountPasswordData.”

  2. Administrator Role Access: If you’re customizing the default user management page, ensure that your user role has Administrator Module admin access. This will allow you to create accounts with the necessary entity access without encountering any errors.

Please find the attached to get a clear idea.

Remember to adjust the wording to fit your specific context, and feel free to ask if you need further assistance! Happy Mendix development! 😊.parameter.PNG