How do I create a line chart using a calculated value, or is there a way I calculate my aggregated value in the OQL module?

Above is the OQL Statement I am using for the line chart. I need to calculate my aggregate value though division and multiplication. 
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So if you have ROKData objects with Closed_Date 20240430, 20240428, 20240501, 20240502,20240502, you want

YearComplete, MonthComplete count

2024                 03                             0

2024                 04                             2

2024                 05                             3

2024                 06                             0

If so, yes you can do this using OQL. Even more so: it is advisable, since that will separate your data-gathering (now done with OQL) from your graph-formatting.

See for an OQL-playground and especially example "COUNT, SUM and GROUP By Enumeration".


In your OQL add a line between line 3 and 4:

, COUNT(*) as ClosedThisMonth