I wonder where scheduled event works

Hello   I'm asking you a question because I'm curious about when the 'scheduled event' will be triggered.   1. Run it locally.   2. The location of the schedule event creation.   3. This is a schedule event.   4. It's a microflow structure.   I'd like to test it with a pop-up every minute. I thought the schedule event would automatically run when the app runs, but the pop-up won't pop up after a while.   The guide says to set offset to server The 10.6.8 version does not have that as shown in the picture above...   How can I use the schedule event? Please help me Thank you.
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As the scheduled event is running on the server independent of the client you will not see the popup action being executed. To test the scheduled event you can add a log message activity to see it working by looking at the logging.

Client interaction with a scheduled event is not possible. If you need something like that have a look at the options found under scheduler in the mendix marketplace.