Issues with Configuring OIDC SSO With Native Mobile App

I have a requirement to integrate Azure with one of our new native apps on Mendix. I followed the documentation provided here to implement the setup. However, when I try to test it using the Make It Native app version 9, I keep encountering the following error (traced from Mendix Studio Pro) after inputting the username, password, and authentication code in the app:   com.auth0.jwk.SigningKeyNotFoundException: No key found in with kid XXXX  at OIDC.DecodeAndVerifyJWT (JavaAction: 'Decode & Verify JWT Plain Text')at OIDC.handleAuthorizationCode (SubMicroflow: 'DecodeAndVerifyJWT')at OIDC.mobileCallback (SubMicroflow: 'handleAuthorizationCode')   Note: I have replaced the app ID and key ID (kid) in the above error message with generic values for security purposes. I have reviewed the setup multiple times today but still can't figure out what is wrong. Has anyone encountered this before or have an idea of what I might be doing wrong?
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