Export to Json - dynamic json property with several data types possible

Hi all,   I have the following issue - We're using a mendix application to publish to an mqtt broker (IE databus -> OPC UA connector). The broker expects a specific schema, in which each item of the 'vals' list can have a different datatype. Example below: { "seq": 1, "vals": [ { "id": "101", "val": false, "ts": "2022-07-21T13:01:50.159Z", "qc": 3, "qx": 0 }, { "id": "102", "val": 4, "ts": "2022-07-21T13:01:50.159Z", "qc": 3, "qx": 0 }, { "id": "103", "val": 4.123, "ts": "2022-07-21T13:01:50.159Z", "qc": 3, "qx": 0 }, { "id": "104", "val": "some_String", "ts": "2022-07-21T13:01:50.159Z", "qc": 3, "qx": 0 } ] } I have made the following domain model with 4 different export mappings, and it works when I use the export mapping to create a single item json, but i cannot use this setup to create a list of items with different values, as i need to pick a specific mapping.     Can someone provide some guidance on the best practices for handling divers data types in Json exports?
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The JSON structure module can be useful for this type of thing, but if performance is an issue I would suggest creating a custom Java action.