What will be the approach to create multiple nested dataviews?

Context for below picture: there is one entity called `feedback_new` and another entity is `feedback comment` and they are in 1 to * association(1 feedback_new - * feedback comment).   Query:                i want to store multiple comments in `feedback_new` entity and that's why i am using nested dataview so my question is if i had to store 10 or more then do i have to define dataview for `feedback_comment` like this for 10 times and also do i have to declare feedback_comment object in parameter 10 times and also do i have to create object of feedback_comment in microflow 10 times?   Attention:        Asking because i have done this in some pages and that is working fine but i think it is time taking process and i hope there will be some more ways to do that :)
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Hello Harshit,


You could think about more front end configurable Feedback form for example what you can do is the following:


Feedback Template



1-* Feedback Template Questions




Comment field


Then when you create a feedback you can select the template and based on the template you create a feedbackform entity 


Feedback Template 1 - * Feedback form 


and then you create based on the Template questions the form questions


Form Template question 1 - * form question(add here an attribute to but the comment in)


Feedback form 1-* form questions 


Ofcourse you can make many more adjustement if you would like, but in this way you do not need to hard code all your questions and comment fields.


Hope this helps you on the way,


Good luck!