How to get only specific value from association?

Context:  parent entity is evaluation_new and can have multiple responses and 1 response can have only 1 question. entity `Evaluation _new`   1------------*   entity `response` and one `response` entity 1 ---------- 1 entity question   so in below picture parent dataview is evaluation_new and inside that there is response dataview and fetching list of question in association so i can pick any question but i don't want to select here any question. I just want to show the specific question in association not all.   and to show that data in the overview page i have selected the response entity and showing the stored data. Context:  
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Not sure if I understand the question but:

You are now using page parameters for the response, but if you want to put a list of responses from the evaluation you will first have to choose a data widget that shows lists (like the listview) and then retrieve the responses based on the evaluation object thats already on your page.