Login Page - Impossible in Mendix 10.11

Hi! I've read many posts, documents, watched videos, and prayed, but I'm not able to create a very simple login page that allows Anonymous users to log in. I'm using Mendix Studio Pro version 10.11.0. Could there be something different in the version that would explain why I can't complete this task despite following all tutorial instructions?   Some references examples: https://youtu.be/w4-DEiZVZTA?si=DjYT8oCVj1weykc6 https://community.mendix.com/link/space/security/questions/113588 https://www.mendix.com/blog/enabling-security-and-adding-a-login-page/ And many, many others
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1. Enable anonymous users in the project security:

Go to the project security settings and enable the "Allow anonymous users" option under the "Security" tab.


2. Create a new user role for anonymous users:

Go to the "Users & Roles" tab and create a new user role called "AnonymousUser". Assign this role to the "Anonymous" user role in the system module and any other modules where you want to grant anonymous users access.


3. Set the default home page for the anonymous user:

Create a new page with a Login Widget and set it as the Role-based home page for the "AnonymousUser" role.


4. Configure the Login Widget:

Add the Login Widget to the page created in step 3. Configure the widget to handle the login process, such as connecting it to a microflow or using an external authentication provider.


5. Create a registration page:

Create a new page with a Dataview entity for user registration. Add input fields for the required registration details, such as username, email, and password.


6. Handle the registration and login processes with microflows:

Create microflows to handle the logic behind the registration and login processes. These microflows can include creating new user accounts, checking for existing user accounts, and handling errors.


7. Test the login and registration functionality:

Thoroughly test the login and registration functionality to ensure it works correctly and securely.


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