Export Database as Excelfile to a specific drive

Hello, as i'm fairly new to Mendix, i have come across a usecase in witch it is required to export all the data from the Database in an Excelfile on a specific drive (ex: C:\Users\.....\Documents\Something) this export is triggered by a scheduler. So no one is to choose on witch drive the file is saved, it is hardcoded as a constant. I have looked at the Excelexport module, but there you have the window that pops up in witch you specify the directory the file is downloaded (witch i don't want) So i wanted to ask if anybody can point me in the right direction to solve this problem. What would be the right way to solve this, where do i start, do i need to import modules, what would be the steps to reach my goal? Thanks in advance
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Hi Roland,


The Excel Export module has a GenerateReport microflow, the default behavior is to trigger download in the browser.  Make a copy of this microflow and instead of the download activity other activities can be used instead such as saving the file in an Amazon S3 bucket or SharePoint.


For example, I have built an export that generates the excel file and then uploads it to a SharePoint list in a scheduled event.