Rest API Call using ClientCertificateUsages , NoClientCertificateUsages

Dear All ,  Im trying to disable certificate check to consume rest API .   Im adding the parameters to corresponding system , but always appear the checks for the certificates . ClientCertificateUsages →  {"":""} NoClientCertificateUsages → Value → Is something else that needs to be specified ?  Same request performed in postman without the SSL Certificate validation is working fine .  Regards              
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You can’t disable certificate checks in the sense that the checks are no longer performed.

What you can do is decide that you trust a certain certificate authority (the one that has signed the certificate of your api). You can add its certificate to the list of CA Certificates of you app, and the certificate check will decide that the certificate is trusted. You don’t need ClientCertificateUsages or NoClientCertificateUsages for that.