Adding line break in a string variable?

Does anyone know how to add line breaks when using the Create String  Variable in a microflow? For Docusign I need to send a Full Address text field, which should be formatted using line breaks. I have tried to build my string using \r\n, only it’s not recognized. (in it is mentiond for creating tabs, i’d expected it works on other input too) how to add chr(10) + cha​​​​​​r(13) to a string in Mendix create variable??  
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answer is similar to


Solution was to open a quote on one line and close it on the next, resulting in the line break being generated:

$Proposal/AuthorFullName + '
' + $Proposal/AuthorStreetAddress + '
' + $Proposal/AuthorPostalCode + ' ' + $Proposal/AuthorCity + '
' + $Proposal/AuthorCountry


I would like a special function called AddLineBreak that would insert this for better readability of code.