Difference in capitalization of Http Header keys between local run and deployment in mendix cloud

Hi, Say I have an REST API exposed, which supports some header called: customercode. If I sent a POST request to my local server, the received header is ‘customercode’, but if I sent the same post request to the mendixcloud deployment, the received header is ‘Customercode’. My main problem is, is that I search through the header list (find in list), but I can only search for the exact name. Is there a trick to not capitalize the first letter of the header so I only have to do one lookup instead of two or to make the local server behave similar to the cloud server (apart from sending the string as Customercode instead customercode of course :-))
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You can do it by retrieving the list iterate over the list and use a split in the iteration that contains this line:

toLowerCase($IteratorHttpHeader/Value) = 'customercode'

On true you have found the right Header.