Knowledge Graph integration

Hello everybody, Me and my team are building a small PoC trying to create a Mendix application on top of a  Knowledge Graph. After some reading, we saw that a good way to integrate external resources is through connectors. Looking in the app store we didn’t find smth suitable so the next step would be for us to implement our own connector that connects to the graph. However, we would still want to know if is there an easier way to integrate a graph datasource to a Mendix app. Does anybody worked on a similar use case, or have a better idea?    Thanks a lot,  Delia
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Ok, it looks like Blazegraph can host a REST API that a Mendix app could consume. You should be able to call that API and get results in JSON format, which the platform can help you map into Mendix objects.

In terms of compatibility, it seems like JSON-LD would be a common format that you could use with multiple knowledge graph platforms.