Perform Simple Search using Mendix-Teamcenter-Connector and displaying results

I’m trying to perform a simple search using the teamcenter connector. I always get 0 results out of the same search, for which I get a lot of results on the GUI. The login is successful. I am also having trouble displaying the results of the search. Since it is a list of ModelObject, I cannot pass it to a page for display, so I iterate over them to create my own entity (resultitem) in which the information is stored for each result and display a DataView of this Entity.  The structure of my microflow is shown below.  Does someone know why I’m not getting any result? could it be because of the business object mapping or configuration name? I would be grateful for any examples on how to perform the simple search as well as display the list of results.   Thanks in advance
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Can you share me the exact error which shown in output/resukts panel (Down side of Mendix).


Neha Agrawal