SSO Sign in Trouble

Hi Team, We are facing a strange issue after integrating Multi-Tenant Administration Module. We added Tenant Users and configured SSO for the same. strange issues being faced are: 1. when we hit the SSO URL we aren’t being redirected to the right page. 2. To cross check the user login if we check last login it doesn’t show this information. 3. I try to login with User ID and Password it doesn’t work. When I check Request and Response SAML Logs, The logs are fine. After sometime the login works with no changes done to this. I Suspect this is an issue with app start and restart, Sometimes by deploying another package it works. but these doesn’t solve the problem all the time. I also Suspect it is an issue with Multi- tenant Administration Module. We are using Mx 8.9.0 I am unable to figure out the cause of this issue , Need to know how to resolve this. Can you please help in this regard ?
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