Native Push Notifications delivered but never reach the device

I have followed Set Up Push Notifications and Use Push Notifications. I am sending my messages from the built-in admin page and they list as “Delivered”, as seen below: That device is the only device registered so far, my development device. It is running a native Custom Developer App. But nothing happens on the device. Nothing gets displayed, no sound is played, no log is written to the Studio’s console, … Question is: how can I troubleshoot that? Where is the point-of-failure? I’m afraid there might be other issues in that Push Notifications package, as I have stumbled upon one, as explained at:     EDIT     News! I can confirm that:   If i send a test notification directly from Firebase Console, the notification reaches the device normally. Developer app receives notifications. That's not the problem. The problem is somewhere in the Push Notifications Connector, more precisely in the "SendMessages" Microflow. It attempts a retrieve of a Messages list, but gets none, zero messages. I tried even altering that Retrieve by removing all constraints. Yet it does return an empty list.    
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In the sandbox:

  • Push functionality just doesn't work as it depends on a scheduled event, which is an unavailable feature in sandboxes.


In the local run with a native dev app:

  • Push notifications get sent, but are only shown if the app is in the background.
  • I notice that the docs in Use Push Notifications mention a specific approach for when the app is in the foreground, but that is not the problem. Both approaches are based on the Notification Widget reacting to an Action ("actionName"). And my logging on the current action simply doesn't occur. The Widget is just not aware that the notification came up.