Flat File Importer csv - Import from XML error?

I am working on my 1st client prototype which requires the import of a number of different csv formatted files. I have implemented the Flat File Importer (v8.5) for my first time, following all the instructions and it appears that it is properly configured (Test Execution runs without error). When I attempt to import a csv, it reports an error and in the log indicates issue(s) with XML and importing from XML. I am working in Studio Pro 8.14 Any guidance would be greatly appreciated – I have include screen shots below.      
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You are trying to import a definition of the configuration and not the csv file itself.

If you do this with a csv file where the xml file is expected this will lead to the mentioned error.

To import the data make sure to use the queue or perform a test import, do not use the import button for this purpose.