Bad request error when trying to connect with our sharepoint

Hello, I’m trying to connect with the sharepoint of our company. According to microsoft doc, the first step is to get our “tenant id” using REST. The destination should be something like: When I try this on my microflow, I have an “unauthorized” error without authentication (which is normal) But when I add the authentication parameters, I got a bad request error… Do you know why? For information, if I connect to sharepoint with the user used as authentication, the request return correct response in my browser… Thanks in advance
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Does anyone have an idea??? if not, does someone succesfully connected his application with sharepoint? And if yes, how did you do?

Thanks in advance


Hi Vincent,

I have managed to do the integration via Azure Active Directory.

Therefore to integrate with SharePoint, We need API’s to communicate.

Please find the Microsoft Graph API for REST service

 then create enterprise application in Azure AD,

Get the following details tenant ID, Client ID, Secret Key, hostname. 

Make use of the API to retrieve your SharePoint site. get the JSON structure and do the import mapping.

To do the CRUD operations specify the appropriate API’s

Regards Julian



And do note there is an appstore module for graph: