Need some reference on how to use Amazon S3 connector

Hi All,   I need some reference or examples on how to use Amazon S3 connector to get data from S3 buckets? Appreciate any suggestions on this topic. Thanks
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Hi Bagyaraj,

The Amazon S3 Connector module contains an Explorer which is in fact is a reference/example.

The only thing you need to do after importing the module is:

  • Add LibraryLogging module
  • Add AmazonS3Connector.AfterStartup to the AfterStartup-setting(or flow) of your project.
  • Create a custom module with a page that uses the AmazonS3Connector.Administration snippet
  • Run the project and navigate to the page with the Administration snippet and configurate your Amazon S3 bucket settings
  • Click Explore and you have with the right credentials a working example