Cant show data of a rest call from the third level

Hello and good morning :) I currently have the following situation I can connect to my API from the app.  I also get data back, but unfortunately I can only display the data from the root entity "***_RestCall". If I want to display data from the 3rd level "JsonObject", I do not get the possibility to display them from the "***_Input" due to the association. Somehow i can't get the data .. am i missing something? Maybe an association or something in the mapping? I tried a lot yesterday, but I can't get the data ..; (  
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Did you even create an Input object? The mapping looks like “Rest Call” is the first object that get’s created by your mapping.

How do you want to display it? Which widgets are you using? How are they retrieving the data?


hello, me again :)

I found the problem with the help of a colleague. I forgot a retrieve activity after the rest call to get the data of the array.

I will submit the picture of the microflow later..


Hello Andreas,

thank you for your fast response. Yes i have created an input object.



I can display these attributes of the "RestCall" object.

In the connector tab on the right-hand side you can see that the entity "JsonObject" is not suggested here.