Microsoft Graph Connector

While using Microsoft graph connector I am facing "error: package org.apache.http does not exist". Can someone please help in solving this issue.
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Hi Harshit,

It looks like you are missing a Java library file in your userlib folder.

First thing to try is to add the module again from the AppStore to see if the file gets added.

If this doesn’t work, then maybe the file was missed when the module was added to the AppStore. In this case you can add it yourself to userlib. You can usually find it with a quick Google search, but I think you probably want httpclient and httpcore, which can be downloaded from Maven at (look for the JAR file download).

Try the latest version available and if that doesn’t work, try an earlier version.

If you get into a real pickle, you may want to install Eclipse (Java) and use the “Deploy to Eclipse” (F6) function in Studio to see the errors.