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I am currently working on an order system, and business has placed a request for a form to be available whereby active parts for a location will be listed, whereby they can just enter the quantities ordered next to them.  Currently, I have a button which leads to my orderline form, which then saves that particular item and desired order quantity to the related order. However there issue is the having to navigate to a second page to enter this information. The issue I am having is that on my order form, I cannot include my orderline form due to the conflicting dataview sources.  Any creative solutions would be greatly appreciated. 
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If you have a location and a list of active parts associated to the location.

Then when creating an order for a location, create all orderlines based on the active parts that can be retrieved from the location in a microflow. Loop through the active parts, create an orderline for each part and associate this to the order and the part. Then display the orderlines created in the order in a listview that is editable to allow the user to enter the amount of a particular part to be ordered.

This would be my solution and I hope this gives you an idea on how to proceed in your particular case.



I do advise you to take this course;

The case of TrainingEvent with registrations is exactly the same as you seek.


TrainingEvent = Order

Registration = OrderLine

Trainee = Part


If Order is for a particular location then

Course = Location

If Parts of a particular location should be selectable;

Course = Location


Parts have a reference to Location, so that parts can be constraint to the location set for the order