Retrieving client specific attributes from Teamcenter using TC Connector

Hello Team, We are doing PoC to create a Mendix solution to retrieve the data from Teamcenter and build the app on top of it. We could download the TC sample app along with the connector and build a basic application using the basic operation like searching the items and use those values in our PoC application.   Now we are seeing the feasibility of retrieving project-specific custom attributes from Teamcenter but we stuck there, we were finding a solution to add the additional attribute details in the java project which was implemented for the java action for the TC connector options, but we could not find the TC SoA codes in the java project to customize, please help us how to proceed with this requirement.
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Hi Mohamed,

If you know of an OOTB Teamcenter SOA service that meets your needs but is not included in Teamcenter Connector, then consider calling it through the generic Java action CallTeamcenterService. Prior to calling the SOA service, create Domain Model entities in Mendix to represent Teamcenter Business objects and specify them in the Business Object Mapping argument of CallTeamcenterService. Also, you will have to create a mapping file for the service Operation Mapping argument to map Domain Model entities to input JSON structures for the service you are calling. Please see the section ‘Using Teamcenter services not included in Teamcenter Connector’  in Teamcenter Connector documentation for more details.