Get ImanFile object with Teamcenter connector Module

Hello, I’m trying to get ImanFile Object using Teamcenter Connector Module. So I created a query in Teamcenter which return the ImanFile objects. I use this query in Mendix and I get the list of ModelObject but when I try to cast this ModelObject into ImanFile, it doesn’t work… here is the ImanFile object I created: (I checked in Teamcenter data model and ImanFile inherits of POM_application_object class) Here is the cast method, as you can see, the ModelObject type in ImanFile but the cast always return: ModelObject... Could you help me??? Thanks in advance
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Ok, I saw my error: I just forgot to add “ImanFile=Teamcenter.ImanFile” in the “business object mapping” attribute of my “Saved Query Search” widget...