Published OData service output errors after upgrading Mendix runtime 7.23.3 to 7.23.19

Hello Everyone, I’m currently working for an organisation which has some older Mendix 7 apps in its portfolio which we had to upgrade to due the security risks that were found in all versions below 7.23.19 last december. One of these apps has a published OData service which is used by an external power BI dashboard. After upgrading one of the published resources stopped working. If I look at the raw xml output that is generated I can see that at some point the file gets cut off and ends with a 500 error. This problem didn't occur before the upgrade, nor does it if we downgrade again so we are pretty much at a loss as to what is causing this. It might be worth noting that this specific resource contains 140.000 items for a total of 250MB. All other published resources, which are much smaller, are still working fine. I've already tried adding paging but this does not seem to work unfortunately. Does anyone have any idea's or suggestions on how to fix this? Cheers, Robin  
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