Questions regarding Real Time connector widget

Hi all,   I have downloaded this widget from the marketplace,, and I have several questions regarding this.   From what I understand after reading several times, if there are changes in my firebase real time database, we are able to see the changes in Mendix without refreshing the page. Here are my queries regarding this widget:  I managed to create a web app in firebase. However, they mentioned: “ make sure writing and reading rights are set to true”. May I know if this is ok do I need to change it to true? This is my rules in my realtime database.   Will this widget be able to retrieve images stored in Firebase Storage and be able to show the images in Mendix? This is my end goal for this project— to be able to retrieve the images stored in Firebase and show it in mendix, however I have no clue on how to solve this issue as of now.   In my General Tab, I created a persistable entity with an attribute “FirebaseID” which has a default value. However, I am not sure what do they mean by object. Do they mean this? ( the one I highlighted) Do I put “user” in my stored value?    How do I display the changes I made in “Name:{value}” in Mendix? I tried running the program but it shows 0 and it will disappear. For my “Auth” tab, all I did was copy and paste the values I have gotten after I created the web app in firebase. I guess this is it? I am receiving this message when I run the program. In my actual project, my security is set to production. Do I have to do anything or is it safe to ignore this message?   I am very sorry for asking so many questions and I really hope that someone could help me on this as I am trying to understand how to use this widget.  Edit: I am not sure why it is showing my numbers wrongly. Just treat it as questions 1,2,3,4 and 5 respectively. 
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