Store content of HTTP response in a document

Hi there, I have build a SAPOdata service call (Get Entry) to receive an attachment stored on a SAP SalesOrder. The Get Entry activity returns an error: Type: Message: A JSONObject text must begin with '{' at 1 [character 2 line 1] StackTrace: com.mendix.systemwideinterfaces.MendixRuntimeException: A JSONObject text must begin with '{' at 1 [character 2 line 1] at com.mendix.basis.actionmanagement.ActionManagerBase.executeSync(   It looks like no attachment is retrieved from SAP for object 0000181953 but when getting the Latest HTTPResponse it contains info that the attachment is successfully downloaded and the content part contains the binary. I implemented a REST GET service but I ran in HTTP authentication errors (a quest for later).  Although I know I don't solve the root cause, how can I save the HTTResponse content string/binary to a file object?   Thanks, Zef
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Have a look at the suggestions in this post