Deeplink parameter not available in pendinglink when running in free app environment

Hi All,   I’m working with the deeplink module and got it working correctly on my local machine. I have deeplinks without a parameter  and these work fine both on local machine and on free app. The deeplinks in which I need a parameter are not working in the free app environment. Somehow in the pending link object the “stringargument”  is always empty. In this field on my local machine the passed value is available in the debugger. As it is not possible to change any constants in the free app environment I assume these are used based on the values in the project.   Someone any clue?   I’m using Mendix Pro version 9.3
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Basically, you need to configure your deeplinks for each environment. That's possible via an admin interface. So you need to do this also in your free app environment. Those are not environment values / constants.