Filter by hubspot_owner_id Contacts in Mendix from hubSpot Api

I would like to know what would be the JSON or filter structure in the URL to be able to filter the contacts of the api:{{apikey}}&property=hubspot_owner_id&property=firstname&property=lastname   {     "contacts": [         {             "addedAt": -,             "vid": 1,             "canonical-vid": 1,             "merged-vids": [],             "portal-id": -,             "is-contact": true,             "properties": {                 "firstname": {                     "value": "Maria"                 },                 "hubspot_owner_id": {                     "value": "116296172"                 },                 "lastmodifieddate": {                     "value": "1627382492698"                 },                 "lastname": {                     "value": "Johnson (Sample Contact)"                 }             },      
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Hi Jorge!

Checking the documentation of the API, I found this: I think you should do a POST REST call to this Location:

And inside the body of the request you can put some filters:

            "propertyName": "firstname",
            "operator": "EQ",
            "value": "Alice"


However if you want to avoid the filter via API. Mendix can do it easily. Just map all the contacts to a Mendix entity of your Domain model and retrieve what you want using a XPath constraint.


If you have more doubts, please let me know.

Kind regards,





Thank you very much for your answer emilio.

I find that request method interesting through a POST with the filter inside the body.

I have tested it and it works correctly!