Mendix supports NoSQL database(HBase, Dynamo DB, MongoDB) ?

Hello community, We are trying to integrate our Mendix application with NoSQL database like HBase, Dynamo DB, MongoDB and existing connectors at Market place are supporting MySQL, ODBC, Oracle, Postgres, JDBC. Is there any way to integrate with NoSQL database so our Mendix Application gets real-time data. There is way to integrate with NoSQL database like Dynamo DB, MongoDB ?
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NoSQL systems like MongoDB support REST calls and JSON data. This means you could use Mendix’s built in Call REST functionality to pass data into and out of MongoDB. You would need to decide what to persist on the Mendix side to make this work, and what to leave as Non Persistent Entities talking to MongoDB.

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Hi Alannah Dsouza,


is there any connectors now for NOSQL database servers ? If yes, can you please mention the same


Hi Omkar,


Please find the below link to get the list of DB systems supported by mendix, I don’t see the above mentioned systems so I guess they are not.