Administration Module - Unable to change Password for users with User role.

Hi guys,   we are facing an issue when a user wants to change his/her password. Our accounts are managed using Administration module. I’m adding an extract from our log file where we identified this exception message: Caused by: com.mendix.core.objectmanagement.SecurityRuntimeException: No access rights for x1Administration$Account/IsLocalUser And  reviewing Account entity access rules, we noticed that ‘User’ role when logged-in has no Read access for IsLocalUser member.   Should we change that Access right to ‘Read’? Thanks for your help.  
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That security of the Limited read and write for the User role of the administration  module is not to allow the basic user to change their information, I don’t see any value of giving the User the ability to change/ Read if IsLocalUser or not, this basically for the administrator and backend , removing that field from the page should solve your problem, are you shwoing this field in the change password?