Directing data to a different page

Hello, I currently have data within a data view that shows up on a page. At the bottom there is a save option and I need the ability to where when I click save, the data is directed to a list view on a different page.  I am essentially looking to have the same order pass validations between multiple pages. In my example, I am wishing to take a medication order created by a physician and have it show up in a queue for a pharmacist on their own respective page that only they can access. I then need for the pharmacist to be able to review the details of that order, and click a button to either deny the order, and send it back to a queue on the physician page, or approve the order and send it to a queue on a pharmacy technicians page where the order will then be filled. I need to have the ability to send the order between multiple pages at the click of a button. But I am struggling to get the button to send the desired data. I also need for the data to be removed from the page once it is sent to the next user.    Any assistance would be appreciated.  Thank you.
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On the save button call a microflow at end of it keep a close page activity followed by show a page which have a list view.


Hope this helps!


Hi Steven,

When you say you want the “data” directed to a new page, but not necessarily the user, do you mean that, once the user submits the form, some other user sees that new entry? Similar to a waiter may enter order info on a tablet/kiosk and then a chef would see the new order appear in the kitchen?

If so, a solution here would be to have the form page (where the “waiter” enters the data) just have a regular old Save action, and a separate “chef” page with a data grid or template grid with a “refresh interval” set. This refresh interval will reload the data source periodically to show newly created objects (“orders” in my example)