Redirect to a page not working in Safari

I need to redirect to a logout page  . I’m using the nanaflow action OpenUrl. It is working fine on every browser, except for Safari where the redirect doesn’t happen.  I already tried to write the following javascript action, but still the redirect doesn’t happen.  Do you knwo how to make this work in Safari? // BEGIN EXTRA CODE function windowLocation(url){ var X = setTimeout(function(){ window.location.assign(url); return true; },300);   if( window.location = url ){ clearTimeout(X); return true; } else { if( window.location.href = url ){ clearTimeout(X); return true; }else{ clearTimeout(X); window.location.replace(url); return true; } } return false; }; // END EXTRA CODE   /** * @param {string} url - URL * @returns {Promise.<void>} */ export async function Redirect(url) {     // BEGIN USER CODE     windowLocation(url);     // END USER CODE } On chrome this works and you see triggering the redirect :
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Hi Annick, 

Try using window.location.href in the custom JS, instead of window.location.assign