REST Response not visible in debugger

Hi all   I have found a problem while debugging. I am trying to reach an api and save the response. However, as always I need to debug it first because nothing works on the first try. After trying to debug the microflow I saw this (picture):   This is the value of the return string in the variables debugger section. But the microflow still runs through and saves the attributes. I need to see the string though because I need to change the string at one point in the microflow.   To prove the response does get delivered as it should here is the api request in postman: (picture)   Does anybody know why this happens or how to fix it? 
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That’s an odd one! You can try turning the “REST Consume” log node up to “TRACE.” This will log the HTTP requests and responses to the application logs, where you can inspect it further. Just remember to set it back to INFO before you deploy!