OData methods POST and DELETE (to set up mock data)

Hello, I set up a published OData service but was disappointed by finding only the options to read and update the entities. I understand that only the two “capabilities” are available as of now. Is there no way to enable POST (create) and DELETE (delete) method for the entites. Is this planned somewhere along the future? My best guess is that only REST published service would get me closer to the goal but I think then I would have to create for each entity a microflow for each CRUDQ operation right? that would mean five microflows for each entity with mapping correct? This is quite some effort… My motivation was to set up a postman environment where I autamte the mock up data creation for my project. Is there any recommended approach to setting up data automatically? The tutorial had some appproach of a JSON based service wich was consumed and then mapped. Is this the best way, or does mendix offer any other quick approach to pump in data to the database? best regards Stefan Mayer
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Create and delete will be released in the next releases. We are also enabling wrapping non-odata sources with an odata service, so you can connect to any datasource using external entities.