Rest_Call _Import PDF File Using URL Link

Hi , I'm trying to import a PDF file into the System.File Document entity, the PDF file referred to as a URL link I created mapping as follows  and I created this microflow to call the rest API the REST call Response handling Handling is store in a file document.   Every time the imported data has a file I get this error, if not it's just a step forward. I'm not sure what the problem is. am i importing the data wrong or something else?? any idea.    
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The error is when you get to the “Call REST” action, so it looks like it’s the remote REST service you are calling that is returning the error.

I would suggest setting the log level of the “REST Consume” log node up to “TRACE”. This will log the full request and response so hopefully you can see if the request looks correct.


Hi Ahmed,

Isn't this the pattern you need:

  1. Do a first call to get the metadata and the url of the file.
  2. Do second call to get the file contents using the url you received in the first call.


In that case in the first call you don’t map to the FileDocument, but to a temporary intermediate entity just to capture the url.

In the second call you do not use a mapping, but you only retrieve the file using the url you received in the first call.

The type in your case will be Files_Attachment.

I hope this helps.