excel to image conversion or PDF conversion

use case- Users attaches file types like "excel", when we need to send all document to DMS we need merge all document to one PDF. Approach 1-we are creating PDF from PDF template so wondering if we can convert excel to an image and put in PDF template which solve issues approach 2- merge the excel directly with in PDF, not sure how we can do it mendix approach 3- convert excel to PDF  and use community commons java actions for PDF merge,  struggled with excel to PDF conversion so far so looking for help. appreciate if someone can give some insight in any of these three approaches
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Hi Abhay,

I think it depends on the scale you want to do this on.

Some options from small scale to large scale:

- Let the user save the excel as pdf and upload the pdf, then merge using CommunityCommons.

- Let the user upload the excel, then do an excel import and create a PDF using Mendix templates.

- Let the user do an upload, then convert using an external service or java library. Apache POI is a possibility, there are marketplace modules available for PDF generation. Aspose offers enterprise quality PDF creation and document conversion. You could use that, but that comes at a price.

These were some options that came to mind, there are always more possibilities.

I hope this helps.