Scheduled event and odata connector

Hello! We have oData interfaces to SAP system and would like to fetch data once a week with scheduled event. When using scheduled event we do not have CurrentUser and it will not work. We have tried using CommunityCommons.executeMicroflowAsUser java action but even with that it is not working, actually the odata mircroflows will not even get started. Are we not using it right or is it not suitable for this use? If not, what would be the correct way of getting it to work? Thanks!  
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In y opinion the executeMicroflowAsUser should work. We use that one to triggel all kinds of REST of Webservices with a scheduled event so you might want to debug that one to see what is going wrong. You could also try to use the task queue ( ) since those flows can have a user context (see 2.9 Execution Context.