Sign up link isnt woring while running my app

Hi All,   I developed a custom login page for anonymous user where a user can register himself and can login to the app. After login, the anonymous user will become an employee for the app. For that, I created a non persistable Registration entity for anonymous user and provide create and all read & write access to him. And furthermore I create a ProfilePicture entity which is generalise with system image entity and has an association with Account entity of Administrator. So that, after login user can go to his account details and can upload other details like his picture in the app.   But due to some changes in the app Sign Up link for new registration isn’t showing. By modified the visibility section to all roles of the link, I’m able to see the link but it’s not working.   In the onclick event of the link I creating a Registration object and showing the edit page for submit the details.   Please let me know if any other info needed and help me to resolve the issue.   Thanks & regards, Tanmay Ghosh.
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Hi Tanmay, 


Have you double checked if the Registration page is visible for Anonymous Users/Role?

as well for Registration Entity with Access Rules to Anonymous Create and Write?