Data Migration from Oracle

Hello Expert,   We would like to migrate data from Oracle to Mendix DB. What is the best option for same. I know, Database Connector can be used. I am looking more detail information on same.    Thanks, Amol Salunke
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Hi Amol,

You can achieve this with following 2 methods,


1. DataBase Connector module

To connect Oracle database you need to download the Oracle JDBC driver and save that jar file inside the application’s userlib folder.

You can construct the SELECT queries and use the “Execute Query” 

You need to configure, Jdbc URL, User name, Password, Query Statement, Result Object


Query Statement → Select query for the required table

Result Object → The Mendix Entity where you want to store your oracle table


2. Database replication module 


Hope this helps!


Hello Amol,

Let me point you to the documentation:

“The recommended way is to migrate your existing on-premises non-PostgreSQL source database to a new on-premises PostgreSQL target database”

Basically you configure your Oracle DB as source DB in a) locally in Studio Pro (if you your Oracle DB isn’t too large for your local machine) or b) in the cloud using custom runtime settings

The target DB must be empty and configured as active. On startup, the source DB will be copied to the target DB.