Is it possible to connect Mendix Cloud with an On-Premise SQL Server over VPN?

We have a scenario where we want to sync the Mendix Postgres data to an On-Premise SQL Server. The SQL Server can be only accessible over VPN. We are using Mendix Cloud. So we would like to know about any connector available between Mendix cloud and an On-Premise SQL Server over VPN.
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This is an interesting question. As the Mendix Cloud comes with the functions described, adding infrastructure components is not possible. That leaves the only option to add a JAVA-based VPN, which can be found, for example, here: 

But after adding the VPN and setting up the tunnel, I don’t know if the Database Connector is able to find the IP number through the tunnel.  If it is very important, it would be worth experimenting with it. An alternative is to run the on the Private Cloud (Could also be AWS/Azure/OTC/etcetera). Depending on your specific situation, the additional support costs could bring more value than experimenting with a JAVA-based VPN client.