Weird SAML SSO Module Issue

I am working on integrating the SAML SSO module with my application. In doing so, I am encountering a weird bug.   I have two integrations, one in my localhost for debugging and one in a M4PC installation.   In the localhost installation, everything works great. I can login and logout no problem.   In the M4PC installation things get tricky. With the exact same setup, minus a different SAML SSO link because of different SP MetaDatas, users cannot re-login into the application. If their account does not exist, the user can login perfectly and get their account created. Once an account exists, however, the user cannot login again. Doing so results in a “user already exists error” and a login feedback stating “The authentication was successful, but your account could not be setup in this application with the provided information.”   As I mentioned, I’m super confused because everything is exactly the same between the localhost and the M4PC installation from a configuration standpoint. Any help here would be great. Even if not a code-fix, some example SAML SSO code would also be appreciated. I have found documentation for this module very lacking online.   Thanks!
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