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What’s the problem? I have kinda the same instructions as given
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Besides the normal entity, there are two special entity types, the Image entity and the File entity. If you want to use the widgets you selected, you will need to use these special entity types. If you do not, then Mendix is not able to use the features associated with images and files.

Based on the screenshot, you are using Studio, which does not have all the features that would allow you to create an entity that would support both widgets at the same time (and for good reason, you should not create such an entity).

To resolve your issue, it would be best to create two new entities, one of type File entity and one of type Image entity. You can then relate these entities using a 1-1 association to your Sheet entity.

On your page you can use a nested data view that displays the respective entities using the association you created earlier.

To tie this all together, you will need to use Microflows to open the page.

One microflow should be linked to your New or Create button and it should create a Sheet entity, a File entity and an Image entity. The File and Image entities should be linked to the Sheet entity.

The other microflow should be linked to the Edit button and should check whether the Sheet entity has an entity of type File entity and an entity of type Image entity. If these entities do not exist, they should be created and the association to the Sheet entity should be set.

Last but not least, make sure you use a microflow for your Save button. This microflow should commit all entities.


Hi zaikin,

You are going to get the input from the user in the format of image and storing It in a database here you are using image uploader so your entity which is generalized with system.image wants to be the page parameter for the dataview.

 When you want to showcase a single object at that time aswell you can use dataview to showcase the data and there you need to use image viewer.

Similarly,when showing a lit of data you need to showcase it in a listview or template grid with imageviewr widget.


Hope this information helps you.