Email Connector - Send template with attachments

Hi All,   Currently trying to migrate over to the new Email Connector from Email with Templates.    I think I see a path through most of the migration, however I’m struggling with sending emails using templates that have attachments. Using the old module, the attachment creation process was accessible during the sending microflow, I was able to generate a custom filedocument and add it to the list of attachments for an email before sending.    Now that all of the template and sending logic is encapsulated within a Java action, I cannot modify the email before sending in order to add an attachment. Am I missing something? Has anyone else encountered this issue?   Thanks in advance,   Jamie
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Hi Jamie,

‘ACT_SendEmailFromJavaAction’ microflow has been called when ‘SendEmailWithTemplate’ is triggered.

Kindly create attachment of EmailConnector.Attachment entity and map it to the Email Template object and that will take care of the email and attachment.


Hope it helps!!!