Connecting Mendix (9.18.0) to a PostgreSQL Database

 alrI was wondering if it was possible to connect an external database (PostgreSQL in this case) to a Mendix web application in Mendix Studio Pro (Version 9.18.0). By connecting the database, I need to be able to show different tables in the database in various list views throughout the web application. Is it possible to connect an external PostgreSQL database to my web application? If so, I would like a step-by-step explanation on how to do so. I   I have the external database’s connection string, username, and password, and I have the database connecter module installed on my web application. I also have all the tables in the PostgreSQL database in the web app’s domain model as matching entities.   To summarize, I need to do the following and have someone give step-by-step instructions on how to do so: Connect a PostgreSQL database to the web app using the previously mentioned elements (url, username, password) Be able to take tables from the connected database and display them in list views (along with the ability to add, delete, and search for records with the actions also being performed in the connected database)   If someone could explain how to do this (if it is at all possible), I would be very grateful.
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Hey Austin,

for external database connection, you can refer to the document below,

Hope it helps!