Future Demand of Mendix Developer

I’m a newbie on this platform, trying to explore this new tech.  Now I’m asking to the seniors & experts, what is the future aspects and demand of this tech …? Does it worth to learn this technology …? 
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Hi there, happy to help!


I think the demand of Mendix developers is quite high at the moment and will increase over the next years. For example, I am living in the Netherlands. Here there is way more demand than supply, which brings you as a Mendix engineer in a comfortable position. Moreover, Mendix is the leading low code platform (see Gartner documenten on mendix for example). With low-code in general, you are able to create business value fast and efficiently. There is growing demand for rapid development. Mendix supports this trend.


Also good to mention: I think Mendix is quite easy to learn. So it would not tak much time to understand and learn this technology :-).


Hope this helps!