Get data from parent nested data view

Hello Everyone!   What is the best way to get content from top parent dataview? For example if we have 3 nested data views and we want to get association for inner (3rd) data view from outer (1st) data view. Because if i open inner data view and will try to get by context, then i will only get content of 2nd data view...
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Hi Vadim,


Use a microflow for the 3rd dataview so you will get the parameter of first and second data views into the microflow and you may use first data view parameter.





Hey Vadim,

As Cyril said, you can use a microflow as a data source for the dataview, and as soon as you create the microflow, you’ll get the parameter of both the dataviews and then you’ll be able to use both of them, in any way as suitable for you!


Let me know if you face any issues

Hope it helps!