Dynamic header on the excel heading

HI Experts,    I have a difficult scenario like there is a list view when I select the row and click download button download a template with header as the attributes of the list view and need to retrieve a assocaition of the database which is a list and need to show the header with like this   header - column1(attribute one domain model)            column2            column3 .... column n(column 2 to n) are the list from the association.     How to assign a list to column as header??                  Please suggest any solution for this?   line,station from one data base, sn/id from one database testitems from another database    
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What you can do is use the excel exporter: https://marketplace.mendix.com/link/component/726

Then create an ‘export entity’  with attributes for the export. In case of you list, just make a bunch of attributes. Not sure wether you can estimate somehow how many these will be max? But just create some.

Then create an export microflow that translates your data in to objects of this new export entity and that should be it.

Hope this helps!