Dynamic Object Import Using REST

Hi all, We are doing a REST call to Binance’s APIs. For the ExchangeInfo endpoint, we receive different formats for the different filters. For example: { "filters": [ { "filterType": "PRICE_FILTER", "minPrice": "0.00100000", "maxPrice": "10000.00000000", "tickSize": "0.00100000" }, { "filterType": "LOT_SIZE", "minQty": "0.10000000", "maxQty": "90000.00000000", "stepSize": "0.10000000" } ] } If trying to use a JSON structure, the JSON structure gives an error for the inconsistancy in the structure and a message definition does not want to import. How can we define this structure for the import?
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Hi Nico,


You need to add all your possible filter attribute into in the JSON to a single object like this:

	"filters": [
			"filterType": "PRICE_FILTER",
			"minPrice": "0.00100000",
			"maxPrice": "10000.00000000",
			"tickSize": "0.00100000",
			"minQty": "0.10000000",
			"maxQty": "90000.00000000",
			"stepSize": "0.10000000"


That allows you to map the attributes into a single filter object even if the return only contains three attributes. You import mapping should look like this:


Hope this helps.